Without Kundalini No Life

The aim of Kriya Yoga is to free kundalini in a balanced way. Kriya Yoga applied and practiced in its perfect and complete way, comprised of commandments of love, teachings about spiritual laws and also all necessary basic teachings about Supreme Being ‘s creation in combination with the proper Kriya Yoga techniques will allow you to master the flow of kundalini and use the ever increasing flow of kundalini shakti for your spiritual welfare as well as for the spiritual welfare of all creation. Without kundalini shakti no life because kundalini energy is nothing else but the cosmic vitality coming from God that keeps all beings alive . No awakening of the Kundalini Shakti is possible as it is always flowing to a certain extent. What yogi often call the waking up of the Kundalini Shakti is a sudden reduction of resistance to its flow caused either by certain accidents , special spiritual exercises directed at awakening the Kundalini Shakti, or maybe more often even as a reaction to conscious spiritual development . Spontaneous awakening of kundalini force takes place as a result of sudden positive changes in living. Unintended kundalini awakening , spontaneous awakening of is caused by sudden decrease of your ego. The result of immediate removal or fading out of a significant part of your ego at the precise time. Such may take place because of loss of a loved one, loss of property , divorces = loss of an obstruction in your living with improper partner . Of course the conventional situation of increment or wakening of kundalini would be as a result of your conscious Kriya Yoga exercise or other spiritual practice such as developing divine love toward all. Sudden changes in your life may cause any one or several manifestations of your ego or karma to suddenly vanish and that is exactly like if a racing car driver suddenly removes his handbrake to free the ability of his engine. Ego reflections are ill artificial breaks – or ill spiritual obstructions of your divinity. Ego shrinks the free flow of kundalini to the level of causing extensive drowsiness , exhaustion , deprivation of vitality , loss of sexual potential hence loss of love potency. Hence a sudden kundalini shakti awakening means nothing else but a sudden modification in your life , such as decease of a loved person making you reflect on God and substance of life and death, or quiet often a divorcement from a totally mismatching spouse or a change of business into a loving industry or a new home in or near mother nature may be some of the common reasons to drastically raise the flow of kundalini. Be happy if a sudden increase in kundalini occurs to you. It is the ultimate goal for all human beings to experience kundalini flowing again and to finally go back home to our divine world in God. An growth or sudden growth of kundalini shakti is a benediction from God and in no way an accident to prevent or suppress . If a abrupt increase in kundalini flow comes up in your life, learn to take that increase in kundalini shakti as a blessing from God that may facilitate and speed up all your spiritual efforts to return home to our heavenly Father. Under no conditions ever should you try and stop or lessen the kundalini flowing. Contrary requires to be the case. Go into nature for additional balancing and curing cleaning of your overall chakra and energy system. Take time for our heavenly Father to heal and free you. Kundalini force is like a cleaning agent releasing you from spiritual ignorance by cleansing your spiritual consciousness and perception and cleansing your entire aura.

Kundalini originated in God.

The Kundalini energy comes from God and returns to our heavenly Father. The flow of this free energy through the great nadis, sometimes also called meridians or energy channels, causes the chakras to revolve . Each chakra is revolving in the opposite way of its immediate neighbor-chakras. One turning clockwise the following one counterclockwise and so on . The Chakras of a female are rotating the opposite way from male chakras. A woman and a man facing each other however may be in concordance with each other because facing each others the Chakras are going around in the same direction relative to each other, making attraction and harmony – improving the power of the opposite body. Pray to God to receive support when you experience a sudden increase of kundalini force.

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