Weighing Cost and Quality in Hair Transplant Surgery

Cost vs. Quality in Hair Transplants

So you’ve finally made the choice to look into having a hair transplant procedure after several years of losing your hair. There are many important factors you should look into in making a wise decision on whom to count on to help you reach your hair restoration goals.

Cost is one of those important factors. There are organizations that will charge by the hair, charge by the procedure or charge by the graft. During your search, you will come across a vast range of prices per graft offered in the industry. Some organizations offer bottom dollar prices, while large organizations with expensive marketing campaigns charge top dollar in order to make a profit.

That being said, Pizarro Hair Restoration made the decision to position its prices in the middle of the industry price range. Considering the quality work that Dr. Marina Pizarro, founder of Pizarro Hair Restoration, and her team deliver – not to mention Dr. Pizarro’s accolades and experience – patients receive a great deal of value for their financial investment. Depending on the amount of grafts a patient decides to receive, a high-quality hair transplant procedure typically ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. One should not expect to pay less and walk away with a quality result.

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Similar to location, location, location being the three key factors when thinking of the purchase of real estate… quality results, quality results and quality results are the three factors a prospective patient should look for when considering the right hair transplant surgeon. Instead of a patient settling for a low quality procedure due to his or her budget, it is strongly recommended that patients save the right amount of money that will get them the quality results they deserve. This helps a patient steer clear of receiving mediocre results and then having to reinvest in another procedure with a hair transplant team that provides superior results. It’s ok to cut back on a vacation or maybe hold off on purchasing a new watch. However, when investing in a cosmetic procedure, patients should not cut corners in their selection process.

Mark, a patient of Dr. Pizarro, had a hair transplant surgery with a different doctor in Florida and did not have good results. He picked this doctor due to the special pricing offered. Mark states, “I looked into this doctor because I assumed they delivered quality work due to being in the industry for so long and the “price was right”… but right from the get-go during the procedure, I could tell I was in trouble.” Mark claims he went through a great deal of discomfort and was left with bad scarring in the donor area. After almost a year after his procedure, his results have been extremely disappointing. Mark explains, “It almost seems as if I have less hair now than when I started. If I could turn back in time I would take more time to confirm the high quality work a surgeon performs in order to make sure things turn out the way I expect.”

It’s never too late to help this type of patient, however. Mark has met with Dr. Pizarro and is in the process of revising his scars and having his next procedure with a hair transplant surgeon who will help him reach his goals.


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