Damaged hair? Who’s to blame?

Short, long , black or blond , nourished hair makes woman even more Brazilian keratin. Still , many times, it happens that after leaving hair salon we are dissatisfied with haircut, color or hairstyle . Is it really important who dyes or cuts our Brazilian keratin?

There is a variety of damaged hair degrees , based on which type of treatment has been exposed to, thermal, chemical or by cutting . If you are unsatisfied with curling or blow drying , you will find there’s few or no consequences. Just change your hairdresser and that’s it . If the hair dries bad may become dry and damaged , but it can be solved. It is significantly that hair stylist doesn’t press hair dryer directly on hair brush, thus directing hot air to hair . Heat protection products are also great for hair as well as treating it regulary with hair care products, including masks and conditioners , that may bring about the beauty and health of the hair.

Utilization of hair dryer , flat iron or hot roller can certainly result in thermal damages of your hair. Direct heat, which is hair exposed to, gets to a temperature of 400 degrees. On that basis, it is crucial to utilize heat protection products so that the hair wouldn’t suffer from demaging when you use heat hairdressing devices mentioned above. They are available as sprays, lotions and creams .

When it comes to this type of hair damage , everything is more complex . Chemical hair damages are more permanent than thermal with bigger consequences. Bad hair coloring , and also at the first brightening and bleaching , then removing dye from hair , could cause damages which not often result in “chemical hair hair cutting.” It means that the hair is literally cut right at the damage point and nearly falls off almost from the roots. Smaller chemical hair damages could be recognized when the hair after being washed but still wet, stretches out and breaks. Hair isn’t shinny, is actually difficult to comb and shape.

When hair is chemically damaged, it is possible to save it. Brazilian keratin treatment is rescue for all damaged hair. This treatment “fulls” hair with keratin that has been spent, your hair becomes stronger, healthier and shiny . There are numerous treatments that will also help you to definitely save your hair. These are generally masks which are activated by heat and so the components for regeneration go into the hair and recover it.

When it comes to haircuts , for girls it really is most likely the greatest problem. This is because the hairdressers usually cut the hair a little more compared to the client wants. Also, they give their own touch to the hairstyle which client often doesn’t want . On the other hand, many times, it happens that clients don’t know what they desire exactly or what they plan and get eventually, they don’t enjoy.

Hair will grow , which means you don’t need to be concerned too much if your color or haircut weren’t what you really imagined. It is important to look after your hair always, trim the ends and pick carefully to whom you’ll “give your head.” What is important is that you simply don’t alter your color or hairstyle as a result of current dissatisfaction or indisposition , you can regret . But if you want change, be sure to do so. Changes are always welcome.

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