If You Need A Better Half To Be Happy, Then You Are A Encumbrance

If you and your satisfaction depends on your household – then you are fallible and your household would be more felicitous without you.

Fallible ones depend on others as well as their felicity depend on others.

impotence however results only from deprivation of spirituality and the result of “distance” to God . Helplessness is the result and accumulation of karma as well as a messed up life .

As a reaction to a messed up lifetime and too much cumulated karma and unsolved missed spiritual lessons in your lifespan you get imperfect and weaker and depend increasingly on others for your happiness and even for plain physical survival, food and health-care.

Families staying with a weak one do so for pity. Pity however is different from love – pity of others may keep you alive but may make you never happy as you create and are a burden for those having pity for you.

To carry on a load – a weak lover one in a strong family unit may be kind of a service of passion – but it never can provide the situation needed to grow mighty . To turn potent and clean up your life – you first need the full resistance that you have created to work , practice and turn stronger – your force of passion really ought to develop stronger than your karma. Hence you have to clean up your very own mess first, and this clean up procedure can only be done with love – with your love and this provides you the opportunity to set up power to love yourself. Such Power of love is necessary to make your house happy – truly felicitous inside and outside and to be an asset to your household and the full divine creation – for timelessness .

You hate your family if you stay feeble as well as a burden or sick and actually want to penalize them with your sickness and impotence .

However if you truly love your family members – then you give your self a constant kick to grow strong and stronger and more wise and more godly – to be an ever loving and happiness making asset for all – your home and all others also .

When you have developed forceful after cleaning up your very own lifetime and after having resolved your karma all by yourself and have cultivated spiritual and one with God – then you will see sustainable inner equilibrium and concord with our all heavenly Father, wellbeing and health – and as a result you are happy on your own. Happy and forceful people in relationship with others happy strong people reproduce such happiness and produce even more endless bliss and pleasure for each others. Joint sacred force of divine love is much greater than the summed up single powers!

You and no one else are entirely in control of your strength and equipoise in this incarnation – you are responsible to fully and alone clean up your mess first and grow power of divine love on by yourself. And as you pass on on your devout efforts to develop force of godly love – you will appeal increasingly divine bliss from heavenly father and others to ease your progress . But all first steps always are your very own steps! Because you are the one to make the most of your very own power of divine love for all your eternal future!

To make karma you needed to deploy life force – dangerous lifeforce! and since you had such energy and did such detrimental efforts to create the karma to be here on earth, you will now prove that your own well being is wort as much or more to you spiritually than the former destruction of your Supreme Being given welfare.

If you pray to God for assistance and take regular time for God’s presence in your daily routine, you may enjoy our heavenly’s mercy and assistance to speed up your success of becoming matureturning to the prototype and self reliable. To be made to the image of God also includes to be strong and a source of love for all others around you. To be fun to be to share life.

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