DIY wedding decorations

DIY wedding decorations  

Weddings are one of the happiest days in people’s lives. They can also be one of the most expensive days in their lives. But, DIY wedding decorations can reduce the cost and be fun to make. It also allows you to make decorations that are unique and express your style.

DIY Flower DecorationsMaking floral decoration for your wedding may seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be. One of the easiest ways to create your own floral arragements is to use silk or other fabric flowers. Using fake flowers gives you plenty of time to make them in advance.Flower balls are very popular for bridesmaids to carry, and to use as hanging decorations from seats or the ceiling. To make a flower ball you just need a Styrofoam ball, two dozen artificial flowers, like roses, and a hot glue gun. All you have to do is glue the heads of the flower to evenly cover the ball and attach a ribbon to hang it from. 

If your heart is set on real flowers you can still do it yourself. The key to making successful do it yourself floral decorations using real flowers is to make them the day before your wedding. Do not try to start out creating a big arrangement at once. Start by making small arrangements containing no more than six flowers that can be held together with rubber bands. To make larger arrangements combine the small ones together and fill in any empty spots.

DIY Garlands and SashesSashes and garlands are a great way to add a lot of decorations to your wedding for a low small price. Garlands and Sashes can be as simple as a four to six inch wide ribbon to patterned material sewn together. Tulle is also an easy material to use for this project. If you want a more rustic or country look try using burlap.

If you are using your material as a chair sash you will need to cut it in six foot lengths, so you have enough to tie around the chair and make a good size bow with hanging ends. For a garland it is better not to cut the length in advance. Cut the garland while decorating so you can be sure you have the right amount to drape. You can use the materials plain, embellish them with beads of crystals, or tie flowers into the bows.

DIY CenterpiecesCenterpieces are the main table decorations at wedding receptions, and they can be one of the most expensive. Most people think of centerpieces as floral arrangements. While you can certainly do DIY flowers, doing it yourself opens up so many other options.

Candles one of the most popular options people use when making centerpieces. Floating candles can be used in clear glass bowls or tall vases filled with water and rocks or fruits that match your wedding colors. You can create illuminated pictures by using decoupage to apply personal photo printed on plain or tissue paper to glass candle holders. When you light the candle inside the pictures will be illuminated from behind.

Another popular option in centerpieces is to create your own tree. Individual feathers can be arranged in an inexpensive glass vase to resemble a tree. Trees can also be created from using twigs and small branches. If you use small branches to create a tree for your centerpieces, you can make it even more custom by hanging small photos or crystals from them as decoration.

DIY GuestbookInstead of using the plain old white guest book, make your guest book part of your wedding decorations. One of the ways to do this is to create a wedding photo booth. Decorate a corner of your reception area with a nice fabric backdrop, funny hats, props and chalk boards. Each guest can write a message on the chalkboard and take a funny picture of themselves with disposable cameras.

Another way to create a photo guest book and use it as decoration for your reception is to use clothespins and a clothesline. If you have access to an instant camera string rows of clothesline along one wall. Using clothes pins hang your guests table seating cards from the line. When the guests find their cards they need to take a photo with the instant camera and write a message along the bottom of the picture. They then replace the seating with their picture.

You can also use pictures of your fiancé and yourself for your guest book. You can design and order a banner with your favorite photographs. At the reception hang the banner on the wall and have your guests sign it. Be sure to ask the company making the banner which type of pen the guests should use when signing so there are no ink smudges.

Some people may start out being nervous about making DIY wedding decorations. Just start simply with small projects and give yourself plenty of time. Before long you will be creating your decorations quickly and easily, and be surprised with what you accomplish.

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