Create heavenly Passion to Become One With Heavenly Father.

An introduction to Bhakti Yoga loving devotion to supreme being . Worshiping heavenly father with godly Passion and to acknowledge everything in God’s world to be piece of God is a exercise of Bhakti Yoga. A straight path to supreme being without complicated strategies, as some other spiritual tradition may involve . But you may wonder, how can a Bhakta – a yogi practicing Bhakti Yoga – become one with supreme being without hard skills ? If he became a true and pure Bhakta, he is a pure being of Love . Love toward everybody and anything, without a single exclusion – then he is God-like – to the image of heavenly father, that is the reason he can unite with his beloved one! Passion is the key to supreme being . The very last steps to unite with supreme being , are always paved with Love . No matter what religion or spiritual tradition prepared you for this last steps into oneness .

Devotion to our heavenly father opens up your heart and soul for Supreme Being.

That is logic behind why maturation of Jesus teachings within yourself is useful for every individual on his path to our heavenly father independent of his spiritual tradition or teachings he is following. It just makes everything easier and speeds up your spiritual maturation and growth. It is something that need to be exercised in your daily living. In your job , house , recreation, among friends and those few, who still are waiting to be accepted as your allies. There is no extra time needed in view of this exercise, but may be some additional efforts in the beginning. Later on however, it ends up in additional pleasure in your every days life . Because the more Passion you beam , the more Passion you will earn from your environs . Imagine how enjoyable , to be loved by more and more persons , day in day out!

However, sometimes it may appear to be more difficult , than you thought at first glance . With a deeper understanding of God’s universe everything is becoming easier for your own benefit . Let our heavenly father direct you on your way home. Keeping in mind we are created to the picture of supreme being . God is Love.

When we have evolved the same purity of sacred Love within ourselves as our heavenly father is glowing , we can merge with our heavenly father. The difficulty of evolving this sacred Love – from soul to soul – often is actually a response to deficit of understanding of your sincere nature in relative to our heavenly father. heavenly father made the entire universe . The physical including the metaphysical one. Millions of cosmoses, physical universes, astral universes, causal universes, atmic universes and more of unique grandness and beauty.

That means everything is made from love by supreme being . Out of his holy spirit , out of his infinite passion for all out of his very own substance – if you prefer this explanation. Nothing on earth and beyond is made of any other thing than of God’s holy spirit . Every creature , plant , tree and naturally we human beings . He imagines a being with particular form and a particular consciousness and lets stream as much of his holy spirit into his imagined being until it becomes existent and alive . Until it becomes holy spirit of a higher denseness, to become visible for other beings.

Maybe you have heard or read about outstanding holy men who could materialize certain objects or a second physical body of their own to appear at two places at the same time (see also: Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda). Paramhansaji ran into several such Saints in India and wrote about them in his Autobiography. The principle is the same. They visualized an physical object in their mind becoming first an astral object. They proceeded to let their creative energy of sacred mind flowing into their imaginary object until it did start to become so dense to be visible on the physical plane.

Jesus teachings of love will enable you to discover your way of passion into a loving future of reciprocal esteem resulting in mutual love among all human race until we are again one family unit in God . Have the courage to rectify if you feel to be distressed or on wrong itinerary of lifetime . Never fault another soul for your wrong situation .

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