The Symptoms Associated With Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks are usually a serious situation which impacts quite a few individuals each year.  For some people this may end up being something which occurs regularly while for other people it may be something which is so sporadic it is not easy to anticipate.  Fortunately there are generally some anxiety attack signs and symptoms that you ought to end up being mindful of so that you can understand whenever this sort of attack is going to occur.  This can enable you to cope with the anxiety attack and sometimes even avoid them.

The symptoms of anxiety really fall directly into two categories.  The very first are generally the emotional symptoms and the second tend to be the physical symptoms.  Both normally happen to individuals although a single type might end up being much more obvious compared to other.  Find out how to recognize each.

The emotional symptoms of anxiety may be rather harsh.  Individuals will certainly feel things such as the sense of loss of control, confusion, being afraid, a feeling of dread or even doom, tremendous panic, a sense of danger, and others.  These kinds of emotional warning signs of an anxiety attack usually are not something which quite a few people can control.  When feeling this way, it may simply be anxiety but these are things which generally happen leading up to any type of anxiety attack.  Being conscious of these might help you.

There are usually physical symptoms as well that you ought to be familiar with.  These include things including nausea, knots in the stomach, perspiration, dizziness, redness of the skin, tight chest, difficulty breathing, trembling, feeling like you may pass out, throwing up, crying, significant headaches, yet others. Even their depression affects how to lose weight fast.

These will not happen to everybody however they’re things to be cautious about.  You may or may not encounter each of these.

The majority of people going through both types of signs and symptoms ought to end up being aware of exactly what they happen to be.  This may enable you to identify the difficulties so that you can start using the strategies your doctor or therapist have for you so that you may end up being able to entirely steer clear of the anxiety attack.  It is a wise decision to talk with your doctor or therapist regarding these types of things so they happen to be in a position to recognize which symptoms are yours personally that you ought to be watching out for.

Damaged hair? Who’s to blame?

Short, long , black or blond , nourished hair makes woman even more Brazilian keratin. Still , many times, it happens that after leaving hair salon we are dissatisfied with haircut, color or hairstyle . Is it really important who dyes or cuts our Brazilian keratin?

There is a variety of damaged hair degrees , based on which type of treatment has been exposed to, thermal, chemical or by cutting . If you are unsatisfied with curling or blow drying , you will find there’s few or no consequences. Just change your hairdresser and that’s it . If the hair dries bad may become dry and damaged , but it can be solved. It is significantly that hair stylist doesn’t press hair dryer directly on hair brush, thus directing hot air to hair . Heat protection products are also great for hair as well as treating it regulary with hair care products, including masks and conditioners , that may bring about the beauty and health of the hair.

Utilization of hair dryer , flat iron or hot roller can certainly result in thermal damages of your hair. Direct heat, which is hair exposed to, gets to a temperature of 400 degrees. On that basis, it is crucial to utilize heat protection products so that the hair wouldn’t suffer from demaging when you use heat hairdressing devices mentioned above. They are available as sprays, lotions and creams .

When it comes to this type of hair damage , everything is more complex . Chemical hair damages are more permanent than thermal with bigger consequences. Bad hair coloring , and also at the first brightening and bleaching , then removing dye from hair , could cause damages which not often result in “chemical hair hair cutting.” It means that the hair is literally cut right at the damage point and nearly falls off almost from the roots. Smaller chemical hair damages could be recognized when the hair after being washed but still wet, stretches out and breaks. Hair isn’t shinny, is actually difficult to comb and shape.

When hair is chemically damaged, it is possible to save it. Brazilian keratin treatment is rescue for all damaged hair. This treatment “fulls” hair with keratin that has been spent, your hair becomes stronger, healthier and shiny . There are numerous treatments that will also help you to definitely save your hair. These are generally masks which are activated by heat and so the components for regeneration go into the hair and recover it.

When it comes to haircuts , for girls it really is most likely the greatest problem. This is because the hairdressers usually cut the hair a little more compared to the client wants. Also, they give their own touch to the hairstyle which client often doesn’t want . On the other hand, many times, it happens that clients don’t know what they desire exactly or what they plan and get eventually, they don’t enjoy.

Hair will grow , which means you don’t need to be concerned too much if your color or haircut weren’t what you really imagined. It is important to look after your hair always, trim the ends and pick carefully to whom you’ll “give your head.” What is important is that you simply don’t alter your color or hairstyle as a result of current dissatisfaction or indisposition , you can regret . But if you want change, be sure to do so. Changes are always welcome.

How to Win Your Ex Back in a FaithFull Way

Obtaining your girlfriend back might feel like the most uphill struggle on the planet. It does not need to be however. Lots of people make it a lot more difficult compared to is needed. You see, you have actually been converted, primarily in Hollywood motion pictures and by the makers of great jewelry, chocolate, and greeting cards, that this is the method it’s expected to be. That isn’t really the situation whatsoever.

In fact, as soon as the lady leaves, the average relationship could seem irrevocably damaged, but there are still simple information you can take that really will aid you get her spine. Here are a few belongings you ought to remember if you really wish to win her back.

Stop Living in the Past

Millenium American Author, Alice Morse Earle, once wrote: “Last night is past. Tomorrow is a secret. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called today.” Residing in partnership past robs you both of all the delight of on a daily basis together when you’re in the partnership. Since she has actually left, however, it could cheat you of a clear point of view on what needs to be done now in order to conserve the partnership and make it function this time around.

Come to be the Man You SHOULD Be

This is hard for many men. It’s something you could not have actually offered a bunch of thought to. Bruce Willis starred in a wonderful movie called The Children, where the matured man is dealt with by his 8 year old self. The 8 year old was frightened at the man he ‘d become claiming, “So, I’m forty, I’m not wed, I do not fly jets, and I do not have a pet dog? I mature to be a loser.”.

Sometimes there is wisdom in those youth echoes. You may have quit on the tip of flying jets (that actually ever before provides that one up though?), yet that doesn’t imply you can not take actions to be the man you wish to be– even if that does include knowing to fly a jet. The initial step is choosing who you should be. Then you need to tackle the procedure of coming to be that man.

Exactly how does that Assist You Obtain the Lady?

Life does not always comply with a motion picture manuscript. You might need to hang around a bit to really obtain her attention. However, as soon as you begin making real, notable modifications in the man you are and stop trying to recapture a past that had not been as photo perfect as you don’t forget, you’ll have the ability to obtain a new viewpoint on the future. Something is specific. As soon as you become the man you INTEND TO be, the present moment, the PRESENT, is something she’ll INTEND TO belong to.

For more information on how to deal with break up’s click here

Eating Right And Exercise For A Healthy Mind And Body

When it comes to having a vibrant psyche and body, the foundation is set through sustaining a natural state of metaphysical well being. There are many ways you can take to recover and keep your well being. We all have personal lessons to learn and so will resonate with different ways. Dietary Regimen and exercise activities changes are common beginning points to help improve your health. In fact, they were exactly the areas I first started with. The more self control you expend with a kind inner attitude toward altering your diet or amending your physical health, the more rewards you can expect. In my own Mind Body Spirit clinic, I discuss some of the most effective physical exercise and diet programs that developed durable changes in my life.

The exercise activities and dietary regimen programs that create long lasting change, do so by training you to tune into your mind and body. By doing so, you learn to recognize behaviour practices which are harmful to your well being. You also learn to make options that are nourishing for yourself and those around you. The well being that surfaces from making such choices from the heart, helps you to be fit, healthy and joyful. When it comes to exercise activities, in my life, I first commenced with cardiovascular type activities. I found that although aerobic or intensely physical exercise programmes were perfect at burning calories, stirring up adrenaline and building muscles, I still had a busy mind and body. If I was under lots of stress, I also found that these actions, did not free the tenseness as well as yoga or meditative type actions.

Hatha yoga is now piece of my day after day regime. Because it has been so much more efficacious then cardiovascular work outs at sustaining health, yoga deserves exceptional interest here. I have experimented with yoga in many formats. I have gone to studios to take group lessons. I have followed videos and also read illustrated books. For most rookies, I recommend starting with the following book : Richard Hittleman’s 28 Day Yoga Exercise Plan. It step by step takes you from simple poses and constructs them into a set of 3 daily physical exercises. Each of the 28 days, there are some words of wiseness from the author , that helped me to feel the benefits of the training course throughout the day. Compared to a video recording, I have found the book is better a fostering inward awareness, because you are not preoccupied by having to look at a tv set and compare your poses with the telecastings. Also, with the book, you have control over the pacing compared to a TV. I feel the book allows for more relaxation for the beginner, then going to classes. When I first started to go to yoga classes, I was too anxious. This left me to vex excessively about making my postures look ideal, instead of studying how to make them feel good. The only draw back with the book style training program, is that after a couple calendars month, I found the routine was less stimulating. At that point, I set out going to a week by week yoga group class as well as the day to day home regime. The combination works great. I am less anxious in class, because I have developed a familiarity with yoga at home and the class makes my day by day home routine more enjoyable because it adds some new elements. The quietness of my psyche and body after a good yoga session is invaluable and it can usually be reached in 30 minutes or less.

When it comes to dietary regimen changes, it is easy to get overwhelmed with choices. A safe general starting point for any diet change , would be to bring in more fresh, unprocessed, plant based food product . The more natural and the more colours, the better. Organic foods are clearly healthier then those produced with chemicals . There is considerable research proving that animal based food product are toxic to the body, and should be taken at a minimum if at all. The closer a foodstuff is to its natural state , the more nourishing energy it contains. I recommend augmenting a diet with as many uncooked fruits and vegetable salads as possible. When cooking is required, I advocate erring on the side of crisp vegetables.

However one thing is for certain ; there is not a individual dietary regimen that can be applied to everyone. In fact, even a single person’s dietetical needs are a moving target . As you get more feeling for your body, you can start to recognise what your singular needs are. It is possible to know whether a food type is sustaining or detrimental as it is being eaten. The food that you lust, is not always nourishing to your body. Learning to feel how food effects your body is crucial. However you may have challenges accessing this pattern of feedback, until your psyche can be quieted while eating. Achieving a peaceable psyche, is the product of life study, and beyond the scope of this particular article. The spiritual path of healthy mind, and specifically the teachings of the Spiritual Treasures, Final Edition are a comprehensive source for such life study.

I extremely suggest occasional fast or internal cleaning to help meliorate your sensitiveness to food ‘s effect on your body. My first experience with cleansing, was with the master cleanse, a lemonade type diet. I very much so recommend Tom Woloshyn’s book ; The Complete Master Cleanse. He outlines a 10 day cleanse in detail. He is inspiring, and also demonstrates a lot of experience that will help anyone prepare for and successfully complete the cleanse. This cleanse permanently altered my food preferences. Right after my first experience, I found that eating meat was very draining on my energies. At that point, I stilled craved meat. If I indulged in it, however I was exhausted for several hours later. I found that if I ignored the desire it would go away and my vibe were better. I started to practice my self control and was pleased with the overall results. After several months, my wanting for meat all but vaporized. There have been many benefits from the lasting diet changes that the cleanse triggered in me. I lost weight. I have more vigour. I feel better about what I eat and I have better self control.

Both food consumption and exercise activities changes are an excellent beginning point for anyone concerned in making long lasting changes in their health. Success in these areas can help prompt you to making bigger and even more important living changes besides. The base for a healthy mind and body, is truly a spiritual endeavor, as such, it requires holistic efforts. The most powerful changes come when you can cultivate a alimental inner attitude in every facet of their living. When vocation, family, diversion and household living all reverberate a desire to care for yourself and your surroundings , then the understructure for wellness is strong. Dietary Regimen and physical exercise are only a part, but still an important part of the holistic changes needed to experience health.

how many calories bananas

The number of calories people should eat each day depends upon several factors, including their age, size, height, sex, way of life, and overall general well being. A physically active 6ft 2in male, aged 22 years, requires considerably much more calories than a 5ft 2ins sedentary woman in her 70s. calories

Suggested every day calorie intakes also vary across the globe. According to the National Well being Service (NHS), UK, the typical male adult needs roughly two,500 calories each day to keep his weight constant, whilst the typical adult female requirements 2,000. US authorities suggest two,700 calories per day for men and 2,200 for ladies. It is interesting that in the UK, exactly where people on typical are taller than Americans, the suggested daily intake of calories is reduce. Rates of overweight and obesity among both adults and kids in the USA are considerably greater than in the Uk.

The NHS stresses that rather than precisely counting numbers (calories), individuals ought to concentrate more on consuming a healthy and well balanced diet, becoming physically active, and roughly balancing how many calories are consumed using the numbers burnt off every day.

According to the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the average person’s minimum calorie requirement per day globally is roughly 1,800 kilocalories. youtube

What’s the distinction in between calories and kilocalories? Scientifically speaking, one kilocalorie is 1,000 calories. Nevertheless, the term calorie in lay English has turn out to be so loosely utilized using the exact same meaning as kilocalorie, that the two terms have virtually merged. In other words, in most instances, a calorie and kilocalorie have the same which means.

A kilocalorie will be the amount of power needed to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water from 15° to 16° Celsius (centigrade) at one atmosphere.

A “small calorie” refers to the conventional scientific term of calorie, which means one-thousandth of a kilocalorie.

Internationally, most nations talk about meals energy in kJ (kilojoules). 1 kcal (kilocalorie) = four.184 kJ.

Within this article, the term “calorie” means the same as “kilocalorie” or “kcal”.

Portion sizes

In industrialized nations and a expanding number of emerging economies, people are consuming numerous much more calories than they utilized to. Portion sizes in restaurants, both fast food ones as well as sophisticated places, are far higher today.

The human physique and power usage

For the human physique to stay alive, it demands power. Approximately 20% of the energy we use is for brain metabolism. The majority from the rest of the body’s power requirements are taken up for the basal metabolic requirements – the energy we require when inside a resting state, for functions like the circulation of the blood and breathing. calories

If our atmosphere is cold, our metabolism increases to create more heat to maintain a constant physique temperature. When we are in a warm environment, we need much less power.

We also need mechanical power for our skeletal muscles for posture and moving about.

Respiration, or specifically cellular respiration refers towards the metabolic process by which an organism gets energy by reacting oxygen with glucose to create carbon dioxide, water and ATP power. How effectively energy from respiration converts into physical (mechanical) energy depends upon the type of food eaten, also as what kind of physical power is used – whether or not muscles are utilized aerobically or anaerobically.

Put merely – we require calories to remain alive, even if we are not moving, and require calories to keep our posture and to move about.

How many calories do I require per day?

The Harris-Benedict equation, also known as the Harris-Benedict principle, is utilized to estimate what a person’s BMR (basal metabolic rate) and every day specifications are. The person’s BMR total is multiplied by an additional quantity which represents their degree of physical activity. The resulting number is that person’s suggested every day calorie intake to be able to keep their physique weight exactly where it’s.

This equation has limitations. It doesn’t take into account varying levels of muscle mass to fat mass ratios – a really muscular person requirements more calories, even when resting.

How Cher responds to Christina Aguilera’s Burning Desire, Faith and Belief

You will find~You will discover~You’ll find~You’ll find} 3 things that resembles Napoleon Hill&rsquos teachings of combining succeed stories. as well as the

I watched this movie around once~the same time frame~once~one time I used to be~I used to be~I was~I became reading…Think and Grow Rich.

What a great example of the teachings from this book!

Watch mtss is a~slideshow~vid~video} pay attention to~target~take note of~look at where her passion lies…Nothing will~will~will probably~will likely} stop her, she knows what she&rsquod like and definately will visit nothing to have it…just just like you your burning desire for~for~invest the~with} action and don’t~rather than~instead of~and don’t} quit~quit~stop trying~surrender}!

Cher says …You gotta cause me to feel~cause me to feel~cause me to} believe that you belong on the internet for~available online for~on the websites for~on the net for}… and Christina Aguilera has a lot~a great deal~a whole lot~much}faith in achieving her dreams, she is fearless! Check it out~it~out~against the other person

It is a common~the type of~is a type of~is a type of consider producing~producing~the creation of~making} movies, you see~the thing is that~the truth is~parallels it constantly.

..things i~a few things i~some tips i~some tips i love more is true to life~true to life~accurate~real world} …Go get it~get it~obtain it~realize it}, without fear and succeed stories.

If you want to~If you need to~To be able to~If you need to} be truly inspired start watching accounts of success~testimonials~successes~accounts of success}. Youtube has tons!

Search for people like…

  • Les Brown
  • David Wood
  • David Sharp

If a person~If someone~If a person~When someone} can be~goes~might go~might be} after their dream and still have it they’re not just~not only~not simply~not simplylucky, there doing something right and I wish to~I must~I must~I must} follow THEM!

Right?!…If they could~they could~they could~they’re capable to do it~get it done~take action~undertake it…We can~We can easily~We’re able to~We can easily} Undertake It~Take Action~Make A Change~Practice It!

Don’t are now living in~reside in~are in~are in fear of~concern about~concern with~nervous about suppose~let’s say~what happens if~suppose}…Live fearlessly and do something~take action~act~create a change}!

Surrounding yourself with success, with well matched people…makes it becomes clear that if someone else can achieve what you’ve always dreamed of…then you certainly also can achieve it to! What you need to do is act, believe, believe and follow your burning desire.

For your Success,

~ Tracy Isidore

Without Kundalini No Life

The aim of Kriya Yoga is to free kundalini in a balanced way. Kriya Yoga applied and practiced in its perfect and complete way, comprised of commandments of love, teachings about spiritual laws and also all necessary basic teachings about Supreme Being ‘s creation in combination with the proper Kriya Yoga techniques will allow you to master the flow of kundalini and use the ever increasing flow of kundalini shakti for your spiritual welfare as well as for the spiritual welfare of all creation. Without kundalini shakti no life because kundalini energy is nothing else but the cosmic vitality coming from God that keeps all beings alive . No awakening of the Kundalini Shakti is possible as it is always flowing to a certain extent. What yogi often call the waking up of the Kundalini Shakti is a sudden reduction of resistance to its flow caused either by certain accidents , special spiritual exercises directed at awakening the Kundalini Shakti, or maybe more often even as a reaction to conscious spiritual development . Spontaneous awakening of kundalini force takes place as a result of sudden positive changes in living. Unintended kundalini awakening , spontaneous awakening of is caused by sudden decrease of your ego. The result of immediate removal or fading out of a significant part of your ego at the precise time. Such may take place because of loss of a loved one, loss of property , divorces = loss of an obstruction in your living with improper partner . Of course the conventional situation of increment or wakening of kundalini would be as a result of your conscious Kriya Yoga exercise or other spiritual practice such as developing divine love toward all. Sudden changes in your life may cause any one or several manifestations of your ego or karma to suddenly vanish and that is exactly like if a racing car driver suddenly removes his handbrake to free the ability of his engine. Ego reflections are ill artificial breaks – or ill spiritual obstructions of your divinity. Ego shrinks the free flow of kundalini to the level of causing extensive drowsiness , exhaustion , deprivation of vitality , loss of sexual potential hence loss of love potency. Hence a sudden kundalini shakti awakening means nothing else but a sudden modification in your life , such as decease of a loved person making you reflect on God and substance of life and death, or quiet often a divorcement from a totally mismatching spouse or a change of business into a loving industry or a new home in or near mother nature may be some of the common reasons to drastically raise the flow of kundalini. Be happy if a sudden increase in kundalini occurs to you. It is the ultimate goal for all human beings to experience kundalini flowing again and to finally go back home to our divine world in God. An growth or sudden growth of kundalini shakti is a benediction from God and in no way an accident to prevent or suppress . If a abrupt increase in kundalini flow comes up in your life, learn to take that increase in kundalini shakti as a blessing from God that may facilitate and speed up all your spiritual efforts to return home to our heavenly Father. Under no conditions ever should you try and stop or lessen the kundalini flowing. Contrary requires to be the case. Go into nature for additional balancing and curing cleaning of your overall chakra and energy system. Take time for our heavenly Father to heal and free you. Kundalini force is like a cleaning agent releasing you from spiritual ignorance by cleansing your spiritual consciousness and perception and cleansing your entire aura.

Kundalini originated in God.

The Kundalini energy comes from God and returns to our heavenly Father. The flow of this free energy through the great nadis, sometimes also called meridians or energy channels, causes the chakras to revolve . Each chakra is revolving in the opposite way of its immediate neighbor-chakras. One turning clockwise the following one counterclockwise and so on . The Chakras of a female are rotating the opposite way from male chakras. A woman and a man facing each other however may be in concordance with each other because facing each others the Chakras are going around in the same direction relative to each other, making attraction and harmony – improving the power of the opposite body. Pray to God to receive support when you experience a sudden increase of kundalini force.

Weighing Cost and Quality in Hair Transplant Surgery

Cost vs. Quality in Hair Transplants

So you’ve finally made the choice to look into having a hair transplant procedure after several years of losing your hair. There are many important factors you should look into in making a wise decision on whom to count on to help you reach your hair restoration goals.

Cost is one of those important factors. There are organizations that will charge by the hair, charge by the procedure or charge by the graft. During your search, you will come across a vast range of prices per graft offered in the industry. Some organizations offer bottom dollar prices, while large organizations with expensive marketing campaigns charge top dollar in order to make a profit.

That being said, Pizarro Hair Restoration made the decision to position its prices in the middle of the industry price range. Considering the quality work that Dr. Marina Pizarro, founder of Pizarro Hair Restoration, and her team deliver – not to mention Dr. Pizarro’s accolades and experience – patients receive a great deal of value for their financial investment. Depending on the amount of grafts a patient decides to receive, a high-quality hair transplant procedure typically ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. One should not expect to pay less and walk away with a quality result.

Contact Dr. Marina Pizarro at Pizarro Hair Restoration

Similar to location, location, location being the three key factors when thinking of the purchase of real estate… quality results, quality results and quality results are the three factors a prospective patient should look for when considering the right hair transplant surgeon. Instead of a patient settling for a low quality procedure due to his or her budget, it is strongly recommended that patients save the right amount of money that will get them the quality results they deserve. This helps a patient steer clear of receiving mediocre results and then having to reinvest in another procedure with a hair transplant team that provides superior results. It’s ok to cut back on a vacation or maybe hold off on purchasing a new watch. However, when investing in a cosmetic procedure, patients should not cut corners in their selection process.

Mark, a patient of Dr. Pizarro, had a hair transplant surgery with a different doctor in Florida and did not have good results. He picked this doctor due to the special pricing offered. Mark states, “I looked into this doctor because I assumed they delivered quality work due to being in the industry for so long and the “price was right”… but right from the get-go during the procedure, I could tell I was in trouble.” Mark claims he went through a great deal of discomfort and was left with bad scarring in the donor area. After almost a year after his procedure, his results have been extremely disappointing. Mark explains, “It almost seems as if I have less hair now than when I started. If I could turn back in time I would take more time to confirm the high quality work a surgeon performs in order to make sure things turn out the way I expect.”

It’s never too late to help this type of patient, however. Mark has met with Dr. Pizarro and is in the process of revising his scars and having his next procedure with a hair transplant surgeon who will help him reach his goals.


Be Universal And Develop Beyond Your Civilization or Custom

Civilizations, religions and customs have something in common – and hence you shall discover here mainly a spiritual definition of civilization.

All above named have never been created by God – but came to universe through human beings ‘s ego. For simplicity we will mainly emphasize on the word civilization – as it includes spiritual customs and religious customs as well . While genuine spiritual customs are accommodated to successfully dissolve spiritual blockages within a given group of souls – some religious or spiritual traditions however are affected by cultural patterns of an ethic group, religious belief or the behavioral pattern of a nations population .

Most traditions serve but the selves of all members of that particular culture . The ego is the amount of all that separates you from Supreme Being – that confines your free and full flow of Divine Love toward all and from all.

A culture is a group of incarnated souls having a range of same or very similar

  • Frights
  • behavioral practices
  • rejections
  • beliefs, organized religion or spiritual traditions
  • wishes and desires
  • karma
  • spiritual lessons to be learned
  • attachments

All of the above are spiritual obstructions.

  • all of the above are separating you from God .
  • all of each and every above need to be resolved on your way of life of Passion to Supreme Being.

God is Love – Love is beyond any culture – beyond any custom or religion .

Most of such groups of souls are large enough to make their own land having political freedom from their vicinity.

Single souls need liberty to live through their practices of experiences, wishes, desires, frights and rejections.


Dissolve all in heavenly Love .

Cultures are dynamic – because members of a given cultures gladly are acquiring and spiritually prospering. Hence the civilization should be allowed to adapt . Some of the worst situation possible would be to protect a given culture just for the reason that it has been existing centuries or even millenaries. If cultures are unnaturally prevented to grow , conform, change or perhaps entirely resolve – then spiritual advancement of all members belonging to that culture is stagnating and further progress is retarded until a future lifetime where any soul presently embodied will find a new environment with a different civilization, religion , custom or even better a situation offering entire flexibility and freedom to spiritually grow out of any former culture .

On the path to oneness with God any and all souls will surely dissolve and drop absolutely any cultural traditions, faith and behavioral practices. Supreme being is absolute and free of any civilization, religious belief or custom. God is the loving creator of all creation – of all animals, plants , human and other beings and also all creations of any plane – physical and beyond. God is Love – thus beyond religion, cultures and countries or planets. One God for all creation.

Having a particular behavioral means that you need a particular resolution for resolve that pattern . Religious belief, spiritual customs an cultures sometimes provide such solutions. But most of the time cultures produce additional opposition to the fastest, easiest and most loving possible spiritual advancement of any soul being involved .

If all human beings on earth would be more loving, more tolerant and allow all and any person to make any experience desired and necessary – civilizations would be obsolete. Cultural groupings are only needed to protect the realization of a soul’s karma and spiritual lessons needed, if other members of a planetary society tend to be objecting such free practice within their bounds and a group of souls having a common interest, custom, spiritual blockage ,… start to develop and guard a necessary territory to freely do their lessons and karma.

Establishing self reliance to any group – even better – establishing liberty to all, even individuals, to learn, live and practice whatever they need or want to exercise, to let them live exactly the way they want, would be the most loving and most Divine solution for any society . Giving autonomy is just yielding freedom to practice and live the way God is practicing to give all his creation .

Liberty is godly and is the most efficient basis for spiritual development and God love to develop. Hence we all should protect – or where lost – restore freedom for any individual soul within all the limits of:

  • Houses .
  • Organized religion.
  • Party.
  • Towns and cities.
  • Political or spiritual districts .
  • Countries .
  • Cultural or ethic groupings.
  • Sex .
  • Any single group of interest or particular behavior .

With other paroles freedom should be reestablished in absolutely all positions of life – of ALL life – mortal and beyond.

Cultural circles, faith based groupings or spiritual traditions come to existence if a growing number of souls are growing or copying or being instructed by “authorities” a given behavioral pattern that finally leads to some rather spiritual blockages causing the group to split up from the remainder of creation and to life within their own – relative and qualified world – made in their mind and by their Karma.

heavenly father is Love and as such loving children we all have originally been created. The developing of our desires and behavioral pattern as a result to spiritually grown and make experiences in heavenly father ‘s entire creation we have did start to separate increasingly . On our way back to supreme being union – on our way back to our heavenly home in Supreme Being – we all shall dissolve step by step or all at once – all our culturally imprinted way of thinking, feeling, passing judgment, living. It all depend on whether we live consciously and are willing and ready to question all our behavior – past and present – day after day and according to the result of such continuous interrogating we should learn to make alterations , conform to the insight we got. We may even mature to drop instantly a particular tradition, religion or culture and stay strong enough to freely develop further strength and self command free of any counseling or limits received by set principles of a given tradition , faith or culture .

If all our heart, intellect and soul reaches but for Love and to love more and more like God – then we can evolve back to our Divinity endlessly much faster than within any limits. Cultural behavior , religious traditions and spiritual rituals may cause obstructions surviving many embodiments until they finally are broken up in the fire of Divine Passion. Some of these patterns may be helpful during many incarnations – but some of acquainted patterns may just be troubling for centuries or millenaries – troubling millions or billions of individuals.

Cultural , spiritual or religious practices are surviving in each mortal, in countries, different spiritual groups, ethic groups , political groups ,… but naturally the complete planet has a particular pattern imprinted, even the entire solar system. All these practices – including the global practices and the patterns of the entire solar system need to be dissolved on your way to God unification.

Passion is the innermost being of God and all of heavenly father ‘s creature ever made, as all is made by supreme being – all is made of God . Since God is Love – all is made from of Passion. Love creates liberty – hence anything that somehow restrains freedom of anything in any way is dividing from heavenly father and needs to be broken up one day.

Acquire to drop any behavioral pattern that restricts your liberty or the liberty of anybody else around you or on this full planet. Love is ameliorating and making happy – always. Hence learn to break up or drop any behavioral practice that somehow effects wellness of anything – even nature – or limits felicity of anyone.

Love is dynamic and needs to persistently flow – from God to you – through you to all – from all to you through you and to Supreme Being. This uninterrupted flow can only be attain in full freedom – liberty in all senses – freedom from any limitations, obstructions, regulations of any kind .

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