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Mathematics is  used in  almost all  jobs  and  careers .  To help studentsrealistically choose a profession or trade , it is  necessary  for them to beaware of the math skills needed in specific career paths.  If a student  hates math and has  has struggled to  earned a grade better than a C in an algebra or geometry  class, it may not be a good suggestion to set sites on a career in engineering.  This article is not intended to discourage  children  from  an interest in  a chosencareer , but instead to shed light on the math skills needed and how  students can improve their    understanding of math  so they can pursue   a  chosen profession or trade.

Before I discuss the mathematics requirements for different  fields  , I would like to  discuss what we can do when a student isn’thaving success  in math but still  wants  to pursue aprofession  involving mathematics .  As I said before, I am not trying to discourage anyone from a chosen career . So, with that said, what can  parents and teachers  do for children to help them be successful in  mathematics  so they canenter a profession of interest .

First of all , start when children are young.  When children are young, they can experience failure  that literally traumatize them for the rest of their lives .  One of these experiences is feeling  like a failure  because of not  comprehending  math.  A commonmistake  is to allow young children to use a calculator for  math assignments when they  have difficulty  doing it by hand.    Early In  math education, sets thefoundation for more advanced mathematical  ideas  .  Remember, if someone can’t multiply 23 and 45 , he/she won’t be able to multiply  (3z + 5) and (2y – 1)  .  Doing basic arithmetic is the beginning to mathematical thinking .  Please do not  have students    access  calculators until they  understand  how to solve math problems by hand.  Once  they are allowed to use calculators,  continue to have  them  continuewith  mental math and solve  problems  by  hand to keep their math skills   honed  .  Some basic  ideas for mental math include asking them questions about  the “times” table, calculating  the tip at a restaurant, calculating  the tax on a bill, or even adding-up  and estimating the total cost of items  you are buying  at the grocery store .

What about  children  that already have negative feelings  concerning math ?  The thing to do is go back in their  life  and find out when/where they began not understanding and disliking math.   Re-teach and review  the  ideas  they don’t understand , andgo forward to help them  be  more comfortable with math .    Much of the dislike   that some students have towards math is a result of fear .  It  seems  easier to say, “I  hate  math,” then to  understand the feelings  and move on  .  There are  many  resources    available to help   children   on their way to   math  success.  It will take  much  work, but theend result  will be a child that  will have  a choice of any  profession  .

Some of the online resources available are  online geometry , virtual math lab, and virtual algebra tutoring.  There are also many learning centers and  tutors  that  can be found  through your local school district or college  .  Which ever resource(s) you choose,determine  what you expect  from   tutoring or the learning service .  Express your goals to those  that are working  with your  student  , so you can worktogether to best help your  student  succeed .  If you try a service and it  is making  your child anxious, find out what is causing the anxiety and if  needed  , stop using that service .   More  anxiety will only reinforce the  fear and dislike  of  mathematics  .  Also, you can  discuss your concern with  a school counselor to discuss ideas  to help your child cope with the  fear  .  You can even consult a therapist if the anxiety seems to  debilitate or overwhelm  your child.  

Taking steps to remove the  anxiety  of math can only  benefit  your child.   What ever tools  you choose to use for your child (tutors, counselors, or therapists) will help him/her to be more confident in math  .  Once the  fear  is under control, your child will have the confidence to succeed in  mathematics  !

Here is a partial list of careers and the math that is required.

Actuary: Algebra, Statistics, Calculus

Accountant: Arithmetic, Statistics, Algebra

Administrative Assistant: Arithmetic, Statistics, Algebra

Business: Arithmetic, Statistics, Algebra

Carpenter: Arithmetic, Fractions, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry

Chef: Arithmetic, Fractions, Algebra

Dentist: Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus

Computer Programmer: Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus (Depending on what type of programs you are writing)

Economics: Arithmetic, Statistics, Algebra

Engineering: Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus

Information Technology:  Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus (Depending on the type of systems and processes)

Lab Technician: Arithmetic, Statistics, Algebra

Law Enforcement: Arithmetic, Statistics, Algebra (Calculus for some forensic fields)

Lawyer: Arithmetic, Algebra, Statistics

Medical Doctor: Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus

Nurse: Arithmetic, Fractions, Algebra

Teacher (Elementary):  Arithmetic, Algebra

Teacher (Secondary) Non-Math/Science: Arithmetic, Algebra

Teacher (Secondary) Math or Science:  Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus

Plummer: Arithmetic, Fractions, Algebra

Psychology:  Arithmetic, Fractions, Algebra

Scientist: Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus

5 Fitness Myths Debunked

The fitness industry is full of misinformation, which I hear and see on a daily basis. Most people get into a gym or health club with the best of intentions but barely have a clue what to do. The scraps of information that they do get are from the type of guy who’s never performed a squat in his life when there wasn’t a toilet beneath him or the girl who spends 80% of her workout following Kim Kardashian’s Twitter updates. This leads to two major problems: an extremely high drop-out rate due to ineffective workouts, and a thriving physiotherapy industry due to injuries from poor technique. So I put together this list of 5 common fitness myths and shed some light on why you’d do well to ditch that way of thinking like a bad 80’s hairstyle. Hopefully, you’ll hit your workouts a little smarter and, at the very least, avoid making your physiotherapist a little richer.


This is one of the biggest misconceptions of all, fueled by infomercials  promising Spartan-like abs in 8 minutes a day featuring fitness models who barely spend 8 minutes a day on anything but their abs.

It’s safe to say that the goal for most people is to have a nice flat stomach and maybe to have some definition in their abs. But most people who’ve been carrying extra pounds for a while, would be happier than a dog in fire hydrant factory just to have a trim midsection – even without the definition.

To address our myth, yes, ab exercises will make your abdominal muscles develop, BUT (and it’s a big BUT – think Jennifer Lopez if it helps), they will not be visible if they still remain covered by fat. If you have belly fat, your first order of business is getting rid of it, which requires a combination of cardio and resistance training that keeps your heart rate elevated for a sustained period of time coupled with proper eating habits – not sit ups and crunches. There is a saying that abs are made in the kitchen and it’s absolutely true. You’d have as much luck sawing wood with a butter knife as you would trying to flatten your midsection without eating properly.

Not that abdominal work shouldn’t be done though – after all, strong abs (visible or not) are beneficial for a number of reasons, but sit-ups and crunches are actually sub-par choices among a library of other exercises that do a more effective job, but I digress…

What you need to know is that there is a distinction between developing your abs (with ab exercises) and burning fat. The more fat you lose, the more the abs will show, and the more impressive your audition for Part 2 of the movie “300” will be.


I often have people come up to me, asking how to get rid of arm fat, or leg fat, or fat from some other dominantly meaty area. And then they’re surprised when I tell them, “the same way you get rid of it anywhere else on your body.”

This may come as disappointment for some, but you can’t approach fat loss like a butcher in a meat locker and just shave it off wherever you please. Our bodies all deposit fat differently and it’s heavily influenced by hormone imbalances. For example, belly fat is a sign of elevated levels of the stress hormone called cortisol, while excess fat under the shoulder blade is indicative of insulin resistance. But despite the hormonal differences that affect fat gain, we all LOSE fat in the same manner. Vigorous exercise and diet will cause fat to disappear from all parts of the body simultaneously. There is no special method to target it – even if fat tends to favor setting up camp in particular area. It’d be cool if we could just launch a homing missile at it, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

The only way to control fat in a specific area is to get your hormones in check, but the science behind that is beyond the scope of this discussion. You can however, target specific muscles with exercises to firm them up which is why strength training is important. If you want firmer thighs then perform leg exercises. Trying to lose fat with cardio alone might leave you slimmer, but softer than a sponge cake. (Tip: Don’t be a sponge cake – do some strength training)


I love this one. Every girl who’s seen a picture of a female bodybuilder thinks that they will transform into the Incredible Hulk if they weight train. I’ll tell you this right now, those women, who I agree, look about as feminine as a cement truck, usually take performance enhancing drugs to get like that. They essentially develop a manly appearance because they’re often taking male hormones. The fact that a woman’s dominant hormone is estrogen makes becoming a gorilla with lipstick virtually impossible.

I encourage all women (barring any injuries or ailments that contraindicate it) to do some form of resistance or strength training. And the reason is that muscle raises our basal metabolic rate (BMR); the amount of calories we burn at rest, all day long. So the more muscle you have, the higher your BMR will be and the more fat you burn and avoid. Strength training also results in stronger tendons, ligaments and muscles (duh!) and helps maintain bone health, inhibits age related muscle loss, and improves insulin sensitivity.

The takeaway: be sure to do some kind of resistance training as part of your fitness program. And if you start looking like you could derail a freight train, I promise to quit my job and preach to trainers all over the world about how everything they thought they knew about women’s fitness is wrong.


If your weight loss plan involves eating the same way you are now, then lowering portion sizes will help – but it’s a flawed plan of action that more often than not gets you right back where you started. You may lose a little weight and appear to be thinner… but how’s your overall health? Diet isn’t just about keeping weight off, it’s also about disease prevention.  Does the inside of your body resemble something that Oscar the Grouch would happily move into?

With the right eating plan, you would likely find yourself eating more than you normally do! There’s a couple of key points here. ONE is that you should eat 5 to 6 times a day – every three hours or so (3 meals with snacks in between).  This keeps blood sugar levels more stable and prevents your body from going into starvation mode, causing metabolism to slow down, so fuel (aka calories) isn’t burned as efficiently. TWO, processed, high sugar foods actually cause your body (for several hours after consumption) to cease using fat as fuel and use protein from the muscles instead, while any extra sugar that couldn’t be cleared from your blood gets stored as fat. More fat and less muscle? What a lousy deal! Think about that next time you reach for a Mae West instead of an apple. THREE, is that diets low in processed foods and high in nutrient dense fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meats and poultry will lead to weight loss without even having to count calories AND you’ll have all the stuff you need to keep the doctor away. By eating 5 to 6 proper meals a day, you’ll always be giving your body exactly what it needs to function at an optimal level without anything leftover that can get stored as fat. So it’s not about quantity as much as it’s about quality.


Do you have juice in your fridge right now? Well mosey on over there and have gander at the nutrition facts. Now, you may want to sit down because fainting from a standing position may land you in the hospital. Take a look at the value for fiber. Does the number have an uncanny resemblance to a goose egg? Hang on – don’t throw your reading glasses out the window; they’re working just fine. You really did see a zero there. But isn’t fruit high in fiber? The package says it’s made with real Florida oranges! I know the first time that fact came to my attention, I felt so deceived that I re-enacted the shower scene from the Crying Game. I admit, it’s a bit dramatic, but seeing that zero was distressing nonetheless.

Now, once you recover from that devastating blow, feast your eyes on the sugar content. Is it in the vicinity of 30 grams per 250ml serving? With all that extra sugar in our bloodstream, we’ve just introduced some new buddies to our already unwanted fat cells.  Yikes. Can this day get any worse? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but at least you know now right? Yeah, those words didn’t get me out of the shower immediately either, but I survived.

If you have stubborn fat, this may be the reason that dreams of weight loss elude you like a wet bar of soap. Juice is not a replacement for actual fruit. Not only are you getting a dose of sugar that even Mary Poppins wouldn’t recommend, but you also miss out on the benefits of fiber that real fruit provides. If optimal health and weight management is your goal, put down the juice box, and walk away slowly… for he is the enemy.


If any of these facts came as surprise to you, it’s ok. You’re far from alone. Like I said, I hear these myths all the time and they can be a serious roadblock on your quest to reach your fitness goals. Consider hiring a personal trainer to learn the right techniques to maximize the time you invest working out. This is especially important if you’re a beginner. The last thing you want is an injury or to feel like you’re wasting your time. Exercise has phenomenal benefits. With a few personal training sessions you’ll quickly see how your goals are more within reach than you thought.

A Woman̢۪s Answer to Unattractive Hair

Some women are reluctant in utilizing hair extensions Madison WI since it is rumored with an unnatural appearance. But, its ever increasing popularity proves it otherwise. The truth is, it’s becoming a popular fashion preference amongst brides. If you’re wondering why that is, it’s usually for the lots of benefits.


In case your tresses are too fine, these extensions can add a bit volume into it to make it appear thick by placing few extra layers in your hair. If the locks are soon enough for the hairstyle that you need, it can also add length with it. And, it may also add texture or color to your hair depending on the preferred hairstyle. But, to get hold of these benefits, you must know how to properly use or apply these extensions.


Nearly all women choose to get extensions because of their wedding or some other important event. Because it is widely used in significant occasions, you should achieve the best results. That is why, it is recommended be reproduced at the very least week ahead of the event date. This can be applied through thermal or ultrasonic methods. Thermal application uses heat to soften the extensions unto the natural hair. It is among the cleanest, most precise methods that give you durable extensions. Ultrasonic application, on the other hand, uses ultrasonic waves as opposed to heat.


The expense of applying extensions usually varies based on its length and quantity. In the case of short length hair, lesser strands are needed. If you do not understand the exact length or thickness that your desired hairstyle requires, you can go to hair salons Madison WI for any consultation. You may also have them use it for you personally. Its usual cost may vary from $400 to $1200.


After its application, there are care and maintenance tips that you should take into consideration. As an illustration, you are able to only shampoo hair a couple of days after getting the extensions. You must brush it every day and before going to bed during the night. To restore are half a year or longer, you must pay a visit to the salon to get a check-up. These are a few of techniques for getting the best nice hair extensions.

Make songs at home

If you are thinking that you need a lot of money and knowledge to produce your own music that is not true . With some of the making songs program you can express your creativity from the comfort of your home. Find out how today’s biggest music producers make their songs .

A lot of people worldwide are asking themselves how to make their unique music? Well it’s not longer a problem. Formerly , in the analog technology, which was expensive and over the budget for most of us. Today, it’s more available than ever. We live in the era of technological expansion and the possibilities are almost limitless. Today, if you want to make your own song, all you need is computer in your home , some speaker and of course making songs program.

What’smaking songs program? Making songs program is software used for composing and editing of any audio file. All software have a wide range of options for your different needs. Your requirements for audio application, we can easily divide them into two major categories. There are: composing and editing.

When you say compose, most of the people consider music education and writing notes plus some complicated things. Naturally, with all the development of technology it’s not like that anymore. In case you have a little sense for music, with some assistance of making songs program, you can make your own music.

How to make your on music? There are three approaches . The 1st is always to use ready-made audio samples and combine them. For example, have a loop that will be your rhythmic  basis   , than put into another tracks some finished bass loop and possibly string and keyboard phrases so you get your own composition.

Second approach may be to compose with MIDI (Instruments Digital Interface). Midi isn’t really a sound, It is a group of different information about a sound, like note on, note off, velocity etc… MIDI turns into a sound only once you assign, for example, a virtual instrument. Virtual instruments are today the core of MIDI. They enable you to imitate any living or synthesized instrument. From orchestral strings to analog synthesizers. Virtual Instruments today sound so realistic that you can not make a difference whether you are listening to live piano or virtual. If you don’t trust me, ask the best film composer today Hans Zimmer (The Lion King, The Dark Knight, Inception). Hans use virtual instruments in the daily work.

Another way   is obviously a combination of audio and MIDI. You can use ready-made phrases for start and recorded a few of your original melodies and mix them in your manner . The possibilities are limitless as your creativity and you can do that in the comfort of your own home.

You can record and edit any of audio file. What I mean by editing? For example, you have to record some voice-over on your presentation. You are able to record many times , same lines, and take the best elements of the spoken word, and sublimate them into one sentence without noticing that they’re from different takes. Or you need to mix some different songs into one stereo track.  You can do what ever you want  to do using your audio tracks.

On the market, you have many making songs program. You should stay away from the free software because they often will not have the optionsthat will be extremely  helpful and necessary in your creative work. Of course if you’re a beginner, additionally you shouldn’t begin with expensive software. To begin, buy some accessible making songs program and unlock your creativity.

Being Popular

The best way to be popular in senior high school can be a question most kids will ask themselves every once in awhile. I have the result. The information I list below can make you rise in popularity. They provide more friends, enhance your status, and possess you meeting and dating a man or woman. how to become popular

Tip 1: Design a graphic by yourself. Popular children are more trendy compared to other students. They be aware of the changes in fashion, music, and lifestlye earlier than the remainder of the herd. You would like to be among the students leading the trends instead of following them.

The ultimate way to do this is by religiously following them via the internet and magazines. I’ve found the easiest way to create a graphic that’ll be trendy and memorable is to model yourself following a celebrity you’d probably probab to emulate.

For instance, if you resemble Colin Farrel, watch how he dresses, walks, speaks, cuts his hair, and emulate him. This will likely create an instant rapport with other classmates, and will help keep you cutting edge. how to become popular at school

Tip 2: You should state your role. The popular kids will want to hold you down. They’ll search for reasons to crush you. This is why it’s so vital that you gradually make the changes I set down on this program.

Create your image slowly over a couple of months. Never assume anyone will be your friend and don’t assume you’re already part of the crowd. Match. Don’t offend anyone of the higher status then you. Always develop greater popular kids. Be their fans.

Tip 3: You need to infiltrate the widely used circle one member at a time. Too many people try and make an impression on everyone and find yourself being scorned by everyone. Instead pay attention to winning over a few key kids. how to become popular in college

You’ll isolate these kids in the class or beyond school environment. Slowly become a fan of theirs. Offer them things they can’t find else where. Laugh at their jokes making them feel funny. Let these kids tell all others how cool you might be. Never sell yourself. Find PR reps to market you.

Tip 4: Be cool. This seems simple yet numerous kids don’t grasp it. If you wish to be popular you need to be doing the things the widely used students are performing. Sitting home and playing WOW won’t ensure you get there. If the popular students are partying, dating, snowboarding, surfing, playing sports, these are things you need to be doing.

Wish To Increase In Everyday Life?

Personal growth is a crucial part of anyone that would like to improve of their field or even in life. Growth is about convalescing. Developing better life strategies to handle whatever comes your way. You can tell someone that’s not well equipped to deal with issues of life. They’ll easily breakdown or give up when things get challenging. The most effective teacher people have to say is experience. It can be a poor teacher once the student takes it wrongly. Because of this activities can only be advantageous to all of us whenever they actually bring about personal growth. You’ll be able to however make the effort towards this type of growth. It is a superior approach than looking forward to life to offer you its lessons. The advantage of these kinds of lessons would be that the mind is able to use them in and handle them while they come. Once the mind is in this state makes it technique to internalize and incorporate the abilities to you. The one reason old dogs cannot learn potentially profitable new skills are how the state of mind is not set to. Personal growth calls for someone to strategically and intentionally create a step towards developing self to get much better than these are. It also has the ability of a single to incorporate value regardless if they believe they’re doing well. How can you get about personal growth?

How you can develop personal growth

Change of attitude

One of the biggest steps to non-public growth is change of attitude. Personal growth results in promotions, better manners and much better crisis handling. The first sort attitude of contentment has to be handled. You cannot develop this skill while lingering inside a comfortable zone of your identiity. Many fill the gaps with reasons like &ldquothat’s who I am, cope with it&rdquo. This is amongst the biggest hindrances of non-public growth. Take the time to adjust your mindset and attitude to learning interesting things and changing old belief systems that just hold you back.

Get yourself a mentor or example

Learning is easier caught that taught. Personal growth is readily achieved having a mentor or a good example. You will need someone or individuals who will challenge one to be all you are able be. You might be your biggest limitation. Somebody that has done far more and are still growing work best mentors in whichever field you walk in. A company or organization will need a learner as well as a student in the art more seriously when compared to a self groomed man or woman who prides in their strategies to achievement. A task models and mentor has the capacity to push you beyond the limits and make you a better person without reservation. It is one way of gauging your pride level.

Self assessment

Take time to evaluate self in every process. The scariest thing in the world is meeting who we are. Men and women will hide behind experiences the ones among many other things. You can’t grow without knowing what you are and what you will be information on. This will give the particular desire to change and take care of weaknesses that hinder from personal growth.

Personal growth is the better favor that you can do to yourself. It is just a procedure that takes time to attain certain goals when taken diligently yields accomplishment.Next,To Read More Powerful Articles Just Like This CLICK HERE: Go to the main site